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**COVID-19 Update**

Expert Piano Service is still active during the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand that many families are home during the quarantine, so business hours will remain the same so that you and your families may continue to enjoy your pianos during the pandemic. Please be patient if you leave a message, I will always get back to you within 3 hours or you can text 619-340-6707 for even faster service and quotes. Stay safe!

Expert Piano Service offers a personalized Complete Piano Service Package. I have all of the tools and supplies needed to give your piano a great service.

Complete Piano Service Package includes 12 services for one price:

Full Piano Tuning
Tuning a piano twice a year is like getting an oil change for your car. It’s part of keeping your instrument maintained.
Moving parts get out of adjustment. Part of your service is getting them working correctly again.
Key Cleaning
Fingers carry dirt, so imagine where that dirt goes when a piano gets played. We’ll take that dirt off for you.
Exterior Piano Cleaning/polish
A shiny piano makes piano owners feel happy, so we throw in a polish to make your instrument lustrous.
Peddle Adjustments
Busy feet on the piano pedals cause them to wear in, adjusting them gets them moving smoothly so that the only thing the player has to worry about is the music.
Bench Adjustments
Nothing is more annoying than a wobbly bench. We put an end to the wobble.
Back Check Alignment
When things are not stopping and starting at the right time inside of your piano, this is one of the first things that gets checked in order to ensure good movement.
Key Spacing
Evenly spaced keys are pleasing to the eye, and help the player space their fingers consistently.
Hammer Spacing
Rubbing hammers can cause friction, stuck keys, and cause the hammers to strike inaccurately.
Spring Adjustments
Pianos have many springs inside of the intricate workings of the instrument. Springs can wear out, or move out of adjustment after moving.
Octave Check
I play and “stretch" the octaves after tuning to make sure the the piano has elegant tone and temperament from top to bottom.
A Free Song
The only way to know that your piano is in tune is to actually play music on it, so upon request, I’ll play you a song 🙂

Additional Services For An Additional Low Cost:

String Repair/Change
$30 first string, $20 each additional. Wound copper strings $50 each.

Pitch Raise $75
Pianos that have not been tuned in a very long time, or have a pitch level significantly below normal, will need a pitch raise. This will be covered in the initial consultation when the appointment is made.

John did an amazing job. Polite, prompt and courteous. He tunes all the pianos for my church group. Which allows for wonderful sound to our hymns! I will be teaching my children to play piano and hiring John means the tune of the pianos and fullness of the sound will be prefect! Will hire again.
Chris V.
My piano hasn't been tuned in forever, my kids hate practicing because it sounded off. Expert Piano made it sound like a new piano, and saved me money because I thought I had to get a new piano! Glad I didn't, glad I called. The guy is easy going and not sketchy at all, unlike other people that provide home services. Recommend!
Edwin Gomez

About me

Hello, My name is John, I am a piano technician and a Registered Nurse in the state of CA in an ICU, and I’ve been tuning pianos for 14 years. I started under the tutelage of Jon Frank working in his piano shop in Phoenix, Arizona. I then was an apprentice under Senior and former President of the Piano Tuner’s Guild Jim Coleman Sr. It was then that I learned and honed my skills as a piano technician, and I learned many of the age old proven techniques of piano tuning. I believe in utilizing the best technology available. For that reason I use state of the art programs, tools, and tuning methods so that your piano sounds great; and you love playing music on it. Thank you for choosing Expert Piano Service.

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